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Submitted By admin on 07/02/23
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I have been working with Zach on the basis for a petition to pardon Hovind, and finally have the sample petition online!

Once everyone has had a chance to provide their input on what it should say, I will build an online "signing" system that will allow a huge numebr of people to easily add their names to it.

You can view the start of the petition at
I will be iteratively updating it as improvements are suggested!

The signature system I am planning will also make it easy for signers to personally contact the people we are petitioning. I believe it will make our petition much more credible if everyone sends their own letter or call along with adding their name to the list!

Once the petition is going, we can discuss the best ways to let people know about it. Zach has already provided quite a few ideas for getting the petition in "freedom loving" newspapers!


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Hi, I just wanted to say I think it is GREAT wh
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Posted 2007/02/25 - 7:39 GMT

Hi, I just wanted to say I think it is GREAT what you are doing for Kent & his family.  I would love to help you with the petition but I don't know anything about this sort of thing.  I will be more than willing to write a letter or make a phone call on his behalf though, & of course sign your petition.  I HOPE you are not getting discouraged with the web-site.  I think it is a WONDERFUL idea & some people are slow to do things.  A friend of mine is still trying to figure out how to find the CSE blog.  I have sent it to her through email but for some reason the page won't come PLEASE don't get discouraged...more people will come out in support of your efforts & Kent.   Things just take time. 

Blessings, 4kent

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Thanks for the encouragement
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2007/02/26 - 1:38 GMT


Thanks for your encouragement!

Once the petition is finished you will definitley have the opportunity to make lots of phone calls and send lots of letters :-)

Keep serving God! 


P.S. Try telling your friend to click "" in the "official links" section of the FreeHovind homepage. I know that link is good, so if the site still doesn't work it is probaby a network issue of some sort.

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Petition ready for suggestions
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2007/03/03 - 2:01 GMT

The petititon has had some significant improvements, and is ready for suggestions!

I just announced the petition on the CSE blog, and through email to people who had previously expressed interest in Dr. Hovind.
Once everyone has had a change to offer their suggestions, the petition will be opened for signatures. 

Your suggestions are welcome!


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Petiton Suggestions
46 minutes - 36v
Posted 2007/03/04 - 1:41 GMT

I would change the word "pray" to something else like "request." Also, you might try shortening the petition and get right to the bottom line of the issue. Study the motions to dismiss and bring out the salient errors in the prosecution of this case.

For a good example of a succinctly stated pettion see:

For other info on how to write a petition see: 

Keep up the good work. Kent Hovind is a good man, a great Bible believing brother and God will vindicate his truth whether or not the petition succeeds.  


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Avsoundman;I have tuned up the front sec
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2007/03/06 - 2:24 GMT


I have tuned up the front section of the petition, making it much shorter and more succinct. I was just watching Kent Hovind's CSE 103 #6 college course, and in it he mentions a 30+ page letter he wrote to the IRS which he said contained tons of information. I just wrote to the tech support to see if they had it. Such a letter would be a great resource!

If you have any suggections about how to mention "salient errors in the prosecution of the case", I would love to hear them!


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Why should Hovind be Freed?
11 minutes - 22v
Posted 2007/03/06 - 15:30 GMT
He willfully broke the law. He was fairy sentenced, considering the magnitude of his crime.  He should serve out his sentence.
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Why jump to conclusions.
3 hours - 112v
Posted 2007/03/07 - 22:18 GMT

How do you know that he willfully broke the law? Have you talk to him. How fairy was the sentencing were you there.  What magnitude of the crime or what law did he break? Don't hang the guy till you know the truth.

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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else is havi
1 hour - 71v
Posted 2007/03/09 - 3:13 GMT

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble signing the petition?  I do not know how.  Can someone please HELP me with this? 

 Doing a GREAT job!  GREAT suggestions as well! 

Thanks, 4kent

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Hovind should be freed because:
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2007/03/16 - 16:17 GMT


I understand your position, and normally am a strong advocate of "criminals" serving their sentences. However, here are some things to consider:

  1. Hovind's charges were by the IRS, which has a long history of deception, fraud, and illegal actions.
  2. The charges brought against Hovind are:
    1. Structuring: riduculous. Charging someone with structuring is like giving someone a ticket for deliberatley adjusting their speed to avoid breaking a posted speed limit.
    2. Obstruction of justice: even more ridiculous. The IRS can terrorize people and "confiscate" property for no reason at all, and when Hovind says he will "fight back" he is charged with obstructing justice.
    3. Failure to pay taxes and withold employee taxes: more complicated, but just as ridiculous. When Hovind's helpers at his ministry recieved money for their services, it was a trade, and not income. It was no different than if they had been compensated for their services in sweaters instead of paper "money". The IRS has no business whatever taxing private trades, but rather is supposed to be taxing "income", which is derived from the corporate gains of a coorporation. Hovind, (and tons of other people), have sent many letters to the IRS asking what law makes the average person liable to pay "income taxes", and have never recieved a response. Please see America: Freedom to Fascism for more information.

Based upon these facts, I believe Hovind is not a criminal, and therefore shouldn't be in prision. In fact, Hovind's only "crime" was being brave enough to question the illegal activities of the IRS - while the rest of us tamely submit to watching our country slide into an abyss of tyranny and fascism. This petition is for other people who agree!

Have a great day,


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i agree with u totally Aubrey,  u would ha
1 hour - 31v
Posted 2007/03/19 - 21:39 GMT

i agree with u totally Aubrey,  u would have to be a lil crazy to believe the IRS on anything,

btw great site :P

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How long will THIS last on your forum?
20 minutes - 21v
Posted 2007/03/22 - 22:20 GMT

You folks are SO funny--and so sad.

 Isn't there anything that  a "good Christian" could do in the name of Jesus that would be beyond the pale?  Will you believe just anything that someone calling himself a preacher tells you?  Isn't at least some of Hovind's absurd "science" too much for you?  Isn't his benefitting from the protections and services of our country, yet refusing to pay his fair share, at the very least, a bit "unchristian"?

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I'm not sure a petition to GWB is such a good idea
1 hour - 31v
Posted 2007/03/24 - 9:39 GMT

Hi Aubrey, just two things here, firstly Structuring is a deliberate attempt to evade reporting rules and is against the law - if Hovind had a valid reason for evading the reporting rules he should have got up on the stand and defended himself.

 Secondly, are you really going to send a petition to Bush to ask that Kent be freed? You do realise that this is the same George Bush that Kent called a "Satan worshipper" and said he had the same motivation (evolutionary theory) as Hitler and Stalin.

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John (bob), I know he's a criminal because
11 minutes - 22v
Posted 2007/04/07 - 20:28 GMT

John (bob), I know he's a criminal because he was found guilty after a fair trial. We certainly don't need to hang him, but he was found guilty. He refused to pay his taxes, he simply cheated.

Admin, I understand that you don't agree with the US court's ruling, otherwise this site wouldn't be up, and indeed it is a nicely presented site.  He was found guilty of being a tax cheat, and is now serving out his fair sentence. I suppose we can agree to disagree, I don't want to disrupt your site.

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nygdan "income taxes" is not law.
6 hours - 390v
Posted 2007/04/09 - 14:50 GMT
If paying your income taxes is not a law, he did not cheat any one.  It is not that he a tax cheat, it is that he is standing up to the IRS were no one else will.  If you watch  America: Freedom to Fascism you can make a more informed decision. If you refuse to watch America: Freedom to Fascism you will never under stand why any one would want to Free Hovind.God bless you.{3:17} For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.


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We aren't afraid of ideas...
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2007/04/26 - 0:06 GMT


Since your language isn't too offensive, and we aren't afraid of ideas around here, I see no reason why your commment shouldn't remain on the site till the Lord comes back and my server is "rolled up like a scroll" along with the rest on the universe. ;-)

What's really sad is that the average Hovind critic never even bothers to provide an example of what they are complaining about.

In my opinion, Hovind DID pay "his fair share", and was a great example of a true American - willing to spend his life doing his best to help those around him, not afraid to speak what he believed even if it was unpopular, and not afraid to stand for the principles America was founded upon.

Since you mention the tax issue as a moral one, I suggest you view the movie on the "Watch" page titled "America: Freedom to Fascism". The money you pay to the IRS does NOT help America. In fact, it helps enslave America.

Just as a curiosity, what "services" are you thinking of that paying your taxes provides? Social security? A gigantic socialist Ponzi style scheme. Highways? What is the gasoline tax for? The millitary? Wasteful as it is, (legal) corporate taxes would be enough to fund it. More government regulations? We'd be much better without them!


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Big shame for Florida and USA
25 minutes - 11v
Posted 2007/05/08 - 22:10 GMT

I see the sentece against my brother in Christ as one in a long row of violent acts against truthtellers in United States. Be brave David, soon the tribulation starts and we all go Home. Our persecutors will not. Don´t you see folks! US is already a police state but it will get much worse. The same is going on in Europe. Abide in Christ and survive or perish.

(Get more information at and

God bless,



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reply to gressil
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2007/05/23 - 18:22 GMT

I am aware of your connection to the iidb and your remarks over there about "stirring up a bee hive". Please abstain from such remarks in the future.
Your failure to provide references for your statements is typical, but nontheless significantly impedes research.

God can use anything he chooses to accomplish his purposes on earth, and if he chose to use this petition the supposed obstacles you claimed exist would amount to nothing. This petition is not only to send to the president, but also to demonstrate the widespread support Hovind has and to raise awareness about his position.

2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2007/05/23 - 18:24 GMT

The petition is soon to be released!

Please offer your final comments and suggestions in the new thread at:


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'I am aware of your connection to the iidb&
1 hour - 31v
Posted 2007/06/03 - 2:19 GMT

'I am aware of your connection to the iidb'

Nice to know you're still reading 

'and your remarks over there about "stirring up a bee hive".'

I'm possibly mistaken but I'm pretty sure I've never said that, perhaps you could point me at the post?

'Please abstain from such remarks in the future. Your failure to provide references for your statements is typical, but nontheless significantly impedes research.'

I'll abstain (and why should I abstain from remarks I never made?) only because I'm at your mercy because it's your blog, but I'm curious about what you mean by typical? If you want a reference how about:

Kent was found guilty of that, he could have explained his reasons in court but decided not to.

'God can use anything he chooses to accomplish his purposes on earth, and if he chose to use this petition the supposed obstacles you claimed exist would amount to nothing.'

Supposed? lol Hovind called the only person who could quite possibly help him a satanist. Who are you actually going to send this petition to? I think the World Court is a bit tied up at the moment.

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Who could sign the petition
23 minutes - 26v
Posted 2007/07/20 - 3:17 GMT



I had a question, who could sign the petition, those who live in USA or any one in the world?


Thank you,


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Just out of complete curiousity, what would you th
49 minutes - 93v
Posted 2008/08/09 - 22:29 GMT
Just out of complete curiousity, what would you think if it had been Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins who had been convicted of tax evasion or something similar? And what would you think if a petition to free them started circulating?
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Trial Transcripts?
7 hours - 275v
Posted 2008/10/01 - 6:42 GMT

Do you have copies of trial transcripts? I would like to sign the pettition bu cannot in good conscience sign anything that I am not fully convinced of. I cannot make a decision just because "someone says so".

 I have an old friend who had a bunch of tapes on how to drive around without insurance. It was really just rebellion against government authority, although "technically" legal. I get the same jist with Dr. Hovind's situation. But then again, I really do not know the situation. That is why I need to weigh the evidence, the actual evidence and testimony.

 I support Dr. Hovind's ministry and believe his is an honest one. This "scandal" is a blight on his ministry and needs to be resolved to the satisfaction of his supporters.

 I know that all things work together for good to them that love God,  to them who are the called according to His purpose. I am sure that Dr. Hovind loves God, and that he is called by God.

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