Lies in the textbooks!
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Finally - a place to list the errors you find in the textbooks you have to study from
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Thanks to a suggestion from Mike, we now have a category for "lies in the textbooks".

Next time you come across a factual inaccuracy in a textbook which is used to support evolution, post it in this category!

Please provide as much information as possible, including the publisher and year of the textbook, and the school at which it is being used. A picture would also be great.

Once we have a list of current textbook errors, the possibilities are endless!
As Hovind has said, many states have laws requiring textbooks to be accurate. Letters, petitions, and mabye even legal action could be in order.

At the very least, I am sure we have many supporters who would love to donate their time to snip and glue inaccurate pages out of textbooks - and even "bring their own scissors", as Hovind said :-)

Now those of you who are students in the public school system, and have to listen to nonsense about peppered moths, missing links proven to be frauds, etc, etc, have something to look forward to!


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Although I am a firm believer in Creationism, I th
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Posted 2007/12/13 - 17:48 GMT
Although I am a firm believer in Creationism, I think Evolutionists should review textbooks in order to keep the proven lies out. If not, then people like me will expose the errors and lies, irritating Evolutionists even more. If they do not want to do this, then that will show they are willing to lie to kids.
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Posted 2007/12/16 - 21:01 GMT

I agree with you. It will be well enough to print a booklet showing lies in text book and after evolutionists refused to correct the textbooks then cry loudly through all ways of public communications and spread the booklets as wide as IMpossible :-)

I myself began to do it. In russia we have the same problem. Look:

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Lies in text books?
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Posted 2008/02/24 - 2:16 GMT
There will always be inacuracies in high school text books.  However I have yet to find a single blatant LIE in a text book.  I find it interesting that none have been posted here:)  I agree however, that where inacuuracies are found they should be rectified in the next edition.
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Still none?   Perhaps it i
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Posted 2008/12/23 - 4:42 GMT

Still none?


Perhaps it is not as widespread as first believed.

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i don't think thye could ocme up with any "li
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Posted 2009/02/28 - 23:11 GMT
i don't think thye could ocme up with any "lies" unless they use 20 year old textbooks in the US.

personally i support their initaitive. not better way to get schools to get the latest and most accurate copy of their curriculum books.


oh w8! these aren't the "lies" the creationist are referring too... they must be referring to the "lie"  that loads of micro evolution= macro evolution.

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Re: Lies in the textbooks!
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Posted 2009/05/04 - 14:39 GMT
epic fail on this one. NOTHING HERE!

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