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Are you interested in creating a blog, forum, wiki, or any of the other innumerable appellations that people use to describe web sites that facilitate information distribution?
PlexPedia may be just what you are looking for.
PlexPedia's vision is to be an organized, accessible database for all the knowledge in the universe - and to further that vision, PlexPedia allows you to create your own highly customizable, full featured versions of itself called "groups".
With your permission, PlexPedia automatically syndicates the information from your customized groups back to it's core interface - providing a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone. You and your visitors get a powerful system for organizing, storing, and sharing your information; and PlexPedia's visitors benefit from the information that you share.
With PlexPedia, there is no distinction between the concepts of a blog, forum, or wiki: PlexPedia is each one of them - and more - at the same time. By simply adjusting the permissions of a PlexPedia group, it can perfectly serve in the roles of anything from your personal weblog - to a powerful Internet destination, with many people collaborating on a variety of topics.
For an example PlexPedia group to evaluate, you might want to check out the personal web site of Aubrey Falconer - PlexPedia's administrator. It's nothing fancy, but you can see how PlexPedia allows Aubrey to write articles, participate in discussions, post links to cool stuff, and share pictures - in many different PlexPedia groups, and on PlexPedia - and then have his "blog" automatically update itself with everything he is working on.
Another great example of what PlexPedia can do - this time powering the complete online presence of Mars Explorer, a popular computer game - showcases how PlexPedia can facilitate many people working together.  Mars Explorer's web site has hundreds of fans sharing screenshots and videos, posting bug reports, discussing new ideas, and even publishing their own stories, and PlexPedia keeps them all organized and on the same page (most of the time :).
PlexPedia is currently at a stage of development where it can meet many needs perfectly, but it is still a bit of a specialized tool.
If there is a feature that would increase PlexPedia's usefulness to you, an ambiguity somewhere in PlexPedia's interface that doesn't quite make sense to you, or if you would like to discuss potential new business strategies - or even models, please let us know! You can contact PlexPedia's administrator directly - or even better, post your thoughts to the PlexPedia development group.
Want your own PlexPedia group? Once you have a PlexPedia user account - all you need to do is just fill in the details, press submit, and start adding content! Plexpedia takes care of everything for you - from web hosting to software configuration. PlexPedia is a self hosted service that just works.

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Re: PlexPedia's Vision
3 days - 10,490v
Posted 2009/03/10 - 17:43 GMT
Thank you aubrey!!!!!!1
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Re: PlexPedia's Vision
37 minutes - 74v
Posted 2009/06/21 - 12:46 GMT
Aubrey you are the best :) :) :D!!!!!
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Re: PlexPedia's Vision
14 hours - 1,624v
Posted 2009/10/15 - 8:15 GMT
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Re: PlexPedia's Vision
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2010/05/31 - 4:23 GMT
"Just Works" Love it man!
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Re: PlexPedia's Vision
2 days - 8,588v
Posted 2011/02/26 - 18:21 GMT
This thing is awesome, i can make game guides for things and look smart! XD lol
Aubrey, You Rock!

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