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Currently offering around 30,000 free ebooks
Submitted By admin on 09/04/04
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Re: Project Gutenberg
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Posted 2009/04/04 - 16:25 GMT
...By authors like Henty, Einstein, Madison, and more!
Lexcycle's Stanza makes an excellent ebook reader to compliment Gutenberg - especially on the iPhone. I can't even remember the last time I read a book that didn't have a built in backlight or remember my place, and that couldn't be easily manipulated with one hand...
Mobipocket is my reader of choice for other mobile platforms.
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Re: Project Gutenberg
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Posted 2009/04/05 - 4:22 GMT
Wow - that's a neat site! Makes me want to get a smart phone :) So, which format would you recommend downloading onto the regular computer? I noticed, for example, on the Agatha Christie book I looked at, there were 7 choices.

Mrs. Discher
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Re: Project Gutenberg
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Posted 2009/04/06 - 21:41 GMT
Stanza's desktop edition is my favorite system for reading ebooks on full size computers. It is free, easy to use, and provides an elegant and intuitive reading interface.
Stanza can open just about any ebook format imaginable - but I generally download ebooks as plain text (which can be viewed in any text editor), or EPUB (which should automatically open in Stanza).
Have fun!

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