Doug Casey on Anarchy
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Best quote: "The state is not a necessary evil, but merely necessarily evil"
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» Doug Casey on Anarchy
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Re: Doug Casey on Anarchy
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Posted 2010/04/02 - 20:16 GMT
Another intellectually stimulating interview:
» Making Terrorism Your Friend
"Terrorism is not an enemy – it's a tactic. You can't have a war on terrorism any more than you can have a war on artillery barrages, cavalry charges – or a war on war, for that matter."
"Although Germany and Japan – both of whom were ruled by psychopathic criminals – originated the use of terror during WWII, it was the U.S. that perfected it, and brought it to an industrial scale. That was most unfortunate, in that it deprived the U.S. of the high moral ground. And, as Napoleon observed, I believe: in warfare the moral is to the physical as three is to one. That loss of moral high ground has really hurt the U.S. in its war against Islamic radicals – which is really what the so-called War on Terror is all about."
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Re: Doug Casey on Anarchy
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Posted 2010/04/03 - 8:03 GMT
 A common slogan: "Join us in the fight against cancer, terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, domestic violence, etc." The fight model allows the user of the concept to avoid publicly committing to a specific, tangible and measurable outcome and therefore may fail to enlist support from thinking people. In this current era of emphasis on creating wealth, creating fitness and creating well being, the fight model is linguistically flawed, outdated and dangerously vague.
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