The Glider - A Graceful Paper Airplane
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Instructions for building a paper airplane that is excellent at gliding!
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Want to impress your "dart" making friends? This paper plane is what you need!

It can be constructed from a single sheet of paper without tape, glue, or scissors. It is fairly easy to build, and, once tuned, glides incredibly far! 

Follow the instructions below, and you will soon have a glider of your own: 

page of paperTake a normal 8.5" 11" sheet of paper.
fold overcomplete fold And fold the top right corner down towards the bottom left corner, sliding it down the left side until the top left corner forms a sharp point.
fold linesUnfold and do the same to the top left corner, which when unfolded should look like the photo on the left.
foldingdownfoldedPull the top of the page towards the bottom of the page, tucking the sides inside the fold you have just created.
foldtopdownFold the top of the triangle down, leaving about 1/2" between the tip and bottom of the triangle.
folding the top tabLook at the triangle very closely. there should be two layers; a top and a bottom. Take the right side of the top layer, and fold it up so that the edge that was once on the bottom aligns with the center line of the airplane. Make sure it has about a 16th of an inch clearance from the center line.
 Fold the front of the mini triangle down, so that the fold line is about a 16th of an inch from the front of the airplane.
  Take the folded edge of the mini triangle, and insert it into the slot between the two layers of what once was the tip of the large triangle.
 Repeat on the other side.
 Fold the airplane up along the center line, and then down 90° about 1/4" above the first fold.
  Fold the wingtips up about 1/4 of an inch.

Congratulations on your plane!

To fly: hold it between your thumb and index finger, and launch it using an even overarm swinging motion. You may need to bend the trailing edge of the wings to compensate for a tendency to curve right or left.

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